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Air pollution with reference to power generation and storage

Recent UN Report States Carbon Emissions Gap Still Growing

Nations will have to further cut their carbon emissions five times over to stop global warming of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, a new report from the UN has stated.

Research Suggests New Cars Are Producing More CO2 Than Older Models

New cars sold in the United Kingdom are producing more carbon dioxide emissions than older cars, shows new research that suggests the industry is going in the wrong direction to fight climate change.

UK Lockdown Causing Large Decrease in Air Pollution Levels

Due to the outbreak of the global pandemic there has been a nationwide lockdown which has caused a large drop air pollution across the whole of the UK, especially in the big cities.

Coal Power Plants In Europe Face Losses of €6.6 Billion

Due to the reduced costs of renewable energy and cheap sources of natural gases, coal power plants have seen record losses of up to...

Reduced Visibility in Urban Africa Links to Increased Air Pollution

The reduction in visibility in three major African cities has shown the vast increase in air pollution over the last 5 decades....