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Last Year was Europes Hottest on Record

Recent data suggests that Europe is warming at a rate faster than the global average as last year was the hottest on record.

Reduced Visibility in Urban Africa Links to Increased Air Pollution

The reduction in visibility in three major African cities has shown the vast increase in air pollution over the last 5 decades....

UK Lockdown Causing Large Decrease in Air Pollution Levels

Due to the outbreak of the global pandemic there has been a nationwide lockdown which has caused a large drop air pollution across the whole of the UK, especially in the big cities.

Carbon Emissions Decrease As Countries Start Phasing Out Coal

The mild winter and the decreased use of coal fired power plants has led to global carbon emission levels decreasing by 2%.

Research Suggests New Cars Are Producing More CO2 Than Older Models

New cars sold in the United Kingdom are producing more carbon dioxide emissions than older cars, shows new research that suggests the industry is going in the wrong direction to fight climate change.

Five Key Nations Who Plan to Phase Out Coal Usage

Many countries across the world have now set deadlines to phase out the use of coal. This article includes five of the most significant countries who have set a deadline and how they plan to phase out the use of coal.

UK Lift Ban on Onshore Wind Turbine Projects

With the block on new onshore UK wind farms being lifted it means that companies are able to compete against one another for clean onshore energy contracts in one of the windiest countries in the world.

UK Government to be Sued Over New Gas Power Plant

The government of the United Kingdom is being sued for approving the biggest gas power station in all of Europe. The move goes completely against the climate change objectives that the UK has in reaching net zero.

Air Pollution Levels Hindering Children’s Sport Performance

A recent report has revealed that air pollution in the UK may be decreasing the sporting level of children, especially those in extreme and dangerous high pollution level areas.

400,000 Jobs Required in the Energy Sector to Reach Net Zero

Analysis on the national grid and the UKs target to reach net zero carbon by the year 2050 has discovered that around 120,000 jobs will need to be created and filled in the energy sector by 2030 and about 280,000 jobs on top of that by the year 2050.