Solar Power Given Boost in the United States

Solar industry in the United States is set for a promising future as investor are backing new super-sized batteries. Energy hungry technology companies and fund managers are both investing into solar plus storage projects.
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House bricks have the potential to turn into batteries researchers have found

Researchers have had a breakthrough where an everyday house brick can be turned into a battery and store electricity.

How Will India Achieve Its Renewable Energy Goals?

India has a population of over one billion people and therefore requires large electricity supplies. Over the next ten years the nation has some ambitious targets to hit relating to its electricity supply especially when it comes to renewable energy.

Scientists Use MRI and NMR Technology to Help Improve Battery Storage

Researchers are working on devolving new technologies to help create large scale storage batteries to store renewable energy. This challenge is one of the last remaining hurdles for the world to get by in order to transition to a fully sustainable planet.
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Hydrogen to be stored in French salt caverns

French gas grid operator Terega and Hydrogene de France have revealed their plans to make use of disused salt caverns to store...