Solar Power Given Boost in the United States

Solar industry in the United States is set for a promising future as investor are backing new super-sized batteries. Energy hungry technology companies and fund managers are both investing into solar plus storage projects.

Is Germany Relying too much on Renewable Energy?

Germany currently generates over 35 per cent of its electricity from solar and wind energy sources. To produce all this renewable energy more than 30,000 wind turbines have been constructed and roughly 1.7 million solar power installations have taken place, with installed capacities of 60 gigawatts and 46 gigawatts respectively.

2019 Was The Cleanest Year To Date As Renewable Electricity Eclipsed Fossil Fuel Generation

During 2019, almost half of the electricity consumed in Britain was produced by a zero-carbon method. This included wind, solar and nuclear power which generated 48.5% of all electricity, compared to 43% from fossil fuels.

Battery Storage Potential To Change The Energy Sector Forever

Battery storage technologies are slowly becoming more accessible with reduced costs and increased revenues. If the technology gets more investments it could change the face of the industry forever.

Nuclear Energy’s Hydrogen Seen as a Low Carbon Power Source UK Needs

According to the Committee on Climate Change report, UK hydrogen technology development has been lagging. To change this, diverse projects have been set up...

Hyundai Sonata-The New Way of Powering a Luxury Car Using the Sun

Lots of industries have adopted solar energy in different ways and the automotive industry hasn’t been left behind. The Korean carmaker, Hyundai has launched...

No More Energy Losses While Storing and Releasing Mechanical Waves

Scientists have discovered a better method that is 100% effective in terms of storing a releasing mechanical wave. Through a proof-of-concept experiment, the scientists...