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UK’s largest solar farm has been sold

Shotwick Solar Park in Deeside, just south of Liverpool has been sold by the original developers.  The park has been acquired by Foresight Group.

Over 100 Scientists Call On Israel Government To Change Energy Policy

Over 11 leading Israeli scientists have signed a letter to their nation’s energy minister, Yuval Steinitz, to go against the countries decision to construct a new network of natural gas power plants.

Off Grid Solar Facilities: A Life Line For Kenyan Communities

Changing heat temperatures from climate change is a worldwide problem effecting all nations, and Kenya is not exempt from this. Temperatures in Kenya have...

Global Solar Market Growth

The solar energy industry is a constantly evolving marketplace.  The speed at which the technology is advancing means that improvements are constantly being made.  In...

Favourable Conditions Leads to All Time UK Solar Power Generation Record

The recent drop in air pollution alongside cool, sunny weather in Britain has led to an all time high of 9.69 gigawatts of solar power being generated last Monday.

Renewable Energy will soon be Cheaper than Coal in all large Markets Across the...

Renewable energy sources, wind and solar power, will soon be cheaper than the existing cost for coal fired power, a recent report claims.

Consistent Rise In Use Of Renewable Energy In Turkey

Renewable power generation in Turkey has been on the rise since the nation brought in the ‘Renewable Energy Law’ back in 2005. Progress was steady in the earlier years however recently it has increased.

Global solar energy costs are falling in an accelerated way.

Last decade was stamped by the rapid growth of solar photovoltaics market. Global capacity grew from 6 GW in 2006 to almost 300 GW...

Australias National Grid Has Over Half Of Its Electricity Generated From Renewable Sources For...

For the first time ever, renewable energy has provided for 50% of the demand for Australia’s power grid.

Touws River using solar to change their fortunes

Touws River is a small township in Western Cape in South Africa.  The economy of this small town started to go down in 1990...