UK Government to be Sued Over New Gas Power Plant

The government of the United Kingdom is being sued for approving the biggest gas power station in all of Europe. The move goes completely against the climate change objectives that the UK has in reaching net zero.

Lines Company in New Zealand Demands More Certainty Over Diesel Generators

Thousands of people who live in the Far North region of New Zealand could potentially be facing frequent ‘Third World’ blackouts if Top Energy are not able to use the diesel generators to help power the area.

Geothermal Energy Potential in Minewater Can Heat Over 180 Million Homes in the UK

The UK is already looking to net zero emissions of greenhouse gasses by 2050, an ambitious undertaking requiring all manner of clean energy sources...

Nuclear Energy’s Hydrogen Seen as a Low Carbon Power Source UK Needs

According to the Committee on Climate Change report, UK hydrogen technology development has been lagging. To change this, diverse projects have been set up...
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Floating Solar Energy to make waves across Asia Pacific

The use of floating solar power plants in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to increase the electricity output for the area...

Abandoned UK Coal Mines Could Be Turned Into Geothermal Heating System

The UK has many now unused coal mines which have been filling with flood water and are slowly being heated from the Earths core. This geothermal energy could be used to heat UK homes.

Capital Of Central African Republic To Be Powered By Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets are to be used to power Bangui, in the Central African Republic. Tunisian based EPC are set to try and fix the power problems that the city of Bangui has been facing.

Hitachi Cancels £16bn Nuclear Power Station in Wales

The UK nuclear power station to be built in Wales is to be scrapped. Hitachi has announced the cancellation of its multi-billion pound UK...
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Solar PV Estimated to be the Cheapest Electricity Generation Technology in UK

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in the United Kingdom has recently released its predictions for the costs of...

Renewable Energy will soon be Cheaper than Coal in all large Markets Across the...

Renewable energy sources, wind and solar power, will soon be cheaper than the existing cost for coal fired power, a recent report claims.