ABB Providing HVDC To Connect The Worlds Largest Wind farm To The UK

ABB has been chosen by the energy companies Equinor and SSE Renewables to connect the world’s largest offshore windfarms to the transmission network of the UK.

Scientists Reveal Solar Power in China is more Affordable than Grid Electricity

New research has indicated that compared to grid electricity in Chinese cities, solar energy is actually cheaper.  This is expected to raise the uptake of...

Global Solar Market Growth

The solar energy industry is a constantly evolving marketplace.  The speed at which the technology is advancing means that improvements are constantly being made.  In...

New Wind Farms Leading the way for Renewable Energy In Afri

New wind farms in Senegal and Egypt, managed by Lekela Power, are leading the way in providing a clean, reliable and secure energy source to their respective nations whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

World’s Longest 12 Megawatts Capacity Wind Turbine Blade Being Tested in Northumberland

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult will have the benefit of testing the longest world wind turbine blade stretching 107 metres long. Designed by LW Wind...

Over 100 Scientists Call On Israel Government To Change Energy Policy

Over 11 leading Israeli scientists have signed a letter to their nation’s energy minister, Yuval Steinitz, to go against the countries decision to construct a new network of natural gas power plants.

Consistent Rise In Use Of Renewable Energy In Turkey

Renewable power generation in Turkey has been on the rise since the nation brought in the ‘Renewable Energy Law’ back in 2005. Progress was steady in the earlier years however recently it has increased.

UK’s largest solar farm has been sold

Shotwick Solar Park in Deeside, just south of Liverpool has been sold by the original developers.  The park has been acquired by Foresight Group.

Snow! The Next Clean Source of Energy?

Have you ever thought that snow could be used to provide electricity? Well, there has been a recent invention by UCLA scientists of a...

Abandoned UK Coal Mines Could Be Turned Into Geothermal Heating System

The UK has many now unused coal mines which have been filling with flood water and are slowly being heated from the Earths core. This geothermal energy could be used to heat UK homes.