Abandoned UK Coal Mines Could Be Turned Into Geothermal Heating System

The UK has many now unused coal mines which have been filling with flood water and are slowly being heated from the Earths core. This geothermal energy could be used to heat UK homes.
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16 MW Myanmar Site to be Powered by Cummins Generators

There are to be eight 2000 kilowatt lean burn gas generators at the new 16 megawatt Myanmar power plant. The lean burn...

Coal Power Plants In Europe Face Losses of €6.6 Billion

Due to the reduced costs of renewable energy and cheap sources of natural gases, coal power plants have seen record losses of up to...

World’s Longest 12 Megawatts Capacity Wind Turbine Blade Being Tested in Northumberland

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult will have the benefit of testing the longest world wind turbine blade stretching 107 metres long. Designed by LW Wind...

New PGMU Propulsion System to be Tested on HMS Richmond

The new technology that will be used to power the UKs most advanced and up to date frigates is to be put to the test on HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first operational deployment which is planned to happen in 2021.

Diesel generator to power 800mm gauge locomotives – Snowdon Mountain Railway

Image Credit: Richard Leonard Clayton Equipment has been awarded the contract to supply two battery-diesel locomotives to Snowdon Mountain...

UK Diesel Generator Business Wins Queens Award

UK based diesel generator manufacturer Welland Power accepted the Queens Award for enterprise from Mr Toby Dennis, Lord-Lieutenant and High Sheriff...

Malawi’s Geothermal Energy Sector Receives Support Pledge from a Japanese Multinational

The support involves a comprehensive partnership in the geothermal power projects, incorporating the capacity building programs concerning the technology.

Huge Rufijii hydropower begins construction in Tanzania

Image Credit: xLibber President John Magufuli of Tanzania marked the beginning of construction of the Rufiji power plant...

Geothermal Energy: A Solution To Indonesia’s Fossil Fuel Reliance?

Indonesia is a country still extremely reliant on fossil fuels, however it has an untapped potential of geothermal energy which could make the country greener.