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Australias National Grid Has Over Half Of Its Electricity Generated From Renewable Sources For...

For the first time ever, renewable energy has provided for 50% of the demand for Australia’s power grid.

Investment of $90 Billion To Boost Saudi Arabia’s Energy Sector

The energy sector of Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a high-speed transformation as a $90 Billion USD investment is about to pumped into it.

Canadian Solar Power Companies Under Fire From Eco-Watch Groups

While it is a fact that solar technology is a clean and renewable energy, producers in Canada have come under fire from Ecowatch Groups. ...

New solar cell reaches 34.1% efficiency

With the EU PVSEC conference approaching great breakthroughs are expected on solar cells efficiency with new record highs and also in technological...

Huge potential for Solar growth in Australia

Analysts in Australia believe it may be possible for the country to be operating on clean energy within 2 years.  This is down...

Consistent Rise In Use Of Renewable Energy In Turkey

Renewable power generation in Turkey has been on the rise since the nation brought in the ‘Renewable Energy Law’ back in 2005. Progress was steady in the earlier years however recently it has increased.

Geothermal Energy: A Solution To Indonesia’s Fossil Fuel Reliance?

Indonesia is a country still extremely reliant on fossil fuels, however it has an untapped potential of geothermal energy which could make the country greener.

Zero Emissions Climate and Clean Energy; A Southern Governor’s Plan

Following the past two catastrophic hurricanes as well as devastating floods in the past 3 years in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper, has proposed...

African Village To Be Powered Entirely By Solar Power

A tiny village near the Moroccan Atlantic coastline Id Mjahdi, is hoping to become Africa’s first village to be powered only by solar power.

Which are the top worldwide generator brands?

Worldwide there are hundreds, if not thousands, of diesel generator manufacturers. Each manufacturer offers a similar but subtly different product, however there is spectrum...