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Toxic Air Reduction Imminent in the UK with the Introduction of a Clean Air...

Air quality in the UK could soon be enhanced after Chris Philp, a Conservative MP, introduced a Clean Air Act. The legislation in itself...

Malawi’s Geothermal Energy Sector Receives Support Pledge from a Japanese Multinational

The support involves a comprehensive partnership in the geothermal power projects, incorporating the capacity building programs concerning the technology.

How Does Cambodia Improve Its Electricity Security Problem?

Cambodia still faces an electricity crisis, with high prices and blackouts regularly occurring. However, there are steps the government can take to improve this.

Huge potential for Solar growth in Australia

Analysts in Australia believe it may be possible for the country to be operating on clean energy within 2 years.  This is down...

Coal Power Plants In Europe Face Losses of €6.6 Billion

Due to the reduced costs of renewable energy and cheap sources of natural gases, coal power plants have seen record losses of up to...

New PGMU Propulsion System to be Tested on HMS Richmond

The new technology that will be used to power the UKs most advanced and up to date frigates is to be put to the test on HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first operational deployment which is planned to happen in 2021.

Cummins offers free webinar on Paralleling

Cummins Inc, is offering free webinars to engineers who would like to increase their product knowledge in the area of paralleling. This...

South Africa Have Announced Their New Power Generation Plan

South Africa have announced that over the next decade, the nation’s electricity generation will be produced through a mix of renewable energy and coal...

6 Countries With Untapped Wind Energy Potential

This article includes 6 of these countries which have vast wind potential but are yet to harness it. The countries included are Russia, Oman, Somalia, Iceland, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

The National Grid Backs New PowerPaired Scheme

Forum for the future, a sustainability charity, has started up a new online matchmaking platform which plans to pair up community energy groups with public sector organisations or businesses that own sites or buildings which could be at the middle of a community owned scheme to provide renewable energy.