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Coal fired power station reignited for first time in 55 days in the UK

The National Grid has had to turn on a coal fired power station in the UK for the first time in 55 days as the electricity output in the UK slumped during the recent record breaking heatwave.
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UK Wind Power could soon start paying back Government subsidies

The most recent wave of offshore wind projects will most likely operate with negative subsidies, according to a recent report from Imperial...
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Floating Solar Energy to make waves across Asia Pacific

The use of floating solar power plants in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to increase the electricity output for the area...

New Acoustic Vent set to make Waves in the Generator Industry

The AcoustaVent is a highly efficient vent which has been specifically designed so that air can efficiently flow through it whilst the vent itself limits the sound that can pass through it.

Covid-19 Lockdown is Beneficial for Indias Renewable Transition

Renewable power is showing to be resilient against the coronavirus whereas fossil fuel is showing its weaknesses and could see its peak over the next 10 years.

Renewable Energy Transition at Risk in Asian Pacific Nations

In recent years the Asian Pacific nations were making up over 75 per cent of power demand growth around the world and was the leading region for installations of wind and solar technologies.

Lockdown Causing the Wind Industry to Slow Down

New wind power projects are under threat as the coronavirus has caused a delay and shortage for components such as turbine blades.

Reduced Electricity Demand Causing Issues for National Grid

Reduced usage of electricity during Britain’s lockdown period could cause problems to the countries power grid, the UK energy system operator has warned.

Favourable Conditions Leads to All Time UK Solar Power Generation Record

The recent drop in air pollution alongside cool, sunny weather in Britain has led to an all time high of 9.69 gigawatts of solar power being generated last Monday.

Two Large UK Coal Power Stations Close on the Same Day

Two large coal fired power stations located in the United Kingdom have both shut down on the same day as the transition to more renewable energy sources continues.