Advertising Rates

Generator News is a publication dedicated to power generation news and reports from around the world. Advertising is limited to certain positions and methods to ensure the quality of our output is not impacted.


We have a provider who manages our pay per click adverts. You cannot directly embed pay per click on our site. High bids with PPC advertising providers may appear on our site.


Banners are available by request; for periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The cost will vary depending on location.

Guest Posts

We do sometimes accept guest posts for our site. These must be written in high quality English, they must also be 1000 words long as a minimum. All guest posts should include a good quality image. The text and the image must be your own work and free from copyright. We reserve the right to refuse text and images that we believe do not fall in line with our editorial guidelines.

A single link may be placed in the text of the post only and must be relevant to its position and location. Stuffing keywords into links will not be accepted.

The fee for a guest post with a link is £699.

We may accept posts without links included for publishing free of charge should we deem the news article to be relevant and well written. We do not publish press releases, all content must be original.

It is suggested you send us an outline of your idea before you write it for publication. Please use our contact page to make contact.

Advertising Summary

Advertising using Pay-per-Click with a PPC partner.

Publish a guest post news article free of charge.

Include a link and pay the guest fee for the link.

Let’s build something together.